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13. Peach Cobbler

13. Peach Cobbler

A sexy, yet playful way to tell your Valentine "Hope your day is as great as your 🍑 cobbler!" We can't tell if this vase made the flowers blush, or if they just bloomed that way!


Creative Card Messages we love for this design (60% of the time, it works everytime!):
- I just want to say, I love you a buttload!
- I think you're fant-ass-tic!
- I love you - no butts about it!
- No ifs or ands, just really nice buds ;)
- Have a fabul-ass Valentine's Day!
- Just call me a pirate, 'cause I love your booty!
- To peach their own, so please be mine!
- A peach like you should totally pear with me!
- You're more than just a bootycall... You're my bootymate!

- Is your name Iron Mountain Road? Because I want to get lost in your curves!

- SPANKS for being my best friend!

- Don’t let anyone call you a bum because you’re the 💩!!

- When tush comes to shove, I’ve got your back!

- To the person who cracks me up most!

- So glad our relationship has been all it was cracked up to be!

- Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweet Cheeks!

- Girl, you’re such a Cutie with that Booty!

- For my Cutie Booty: Happy Valentine's Day! 

- You are booty-ful, Babe!

- Roses are red, carnations are pink, I love the way your booty makes me think!


Approx. size - 18” x 24” (31” with accents)


The images in our Valentine’s Day Collection are sample photos only. The overall look and feel of your arrangement will be matched as closely as possible. Colors and flower varieties will vary from the photos but, as always, we will reflect the spirit of the original arrangement. Your designer will always use their best discretion in picking the freshest and most beautiful stems we have available.


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