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for anyday, and everyday!

The Victoria's Garden Custom Collection is comprised of ever-changing designs inspired by the requests we receive from our beloved customers! The examples pictured within the Custom Collection are representations of bouquets often described to us as "bright and cheery," "designer's choice," or "something seasonal!" and each one can be infinitely customized within the limits of the arrangement's container style (listed below).  From the use of favorite colors (or every color!) to incorporation of specific flower types (be it as an accent or as the star!), we will assist you every step of the way to ensure your one-of-a-kind design is as special as the person you are getting them for!

The listings for the Custom Collection include photo examples to help convey the style and size of arrangements that each container is capable of accommodating. The design you order will be unique to you and vary greatly based on budget, available seasonal stock that changes weekly, and specific requests.  

The Custom Collection

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