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Wine (Gift Card for Deliveries)

Wine (Gift Card for Deliveries)

We offer a variety of wine available to purchase in-store! Please call to speak with a designer about our available selection.


Purchases for wine must be made in person with cash, check or credit card. For our particular license, phone and internet sales are not allowed under current South Dakota State Law .


But, purchases of gift cards can be made via phone or by messaging us! You may place an order over the phone for wine so we have it ready for you to pick up… For example: you may call to order a bouquet of flowers to pick up later, and also request that a bottle of wine be put in a gift bag so it can be picked up at the same time as you get your flowers. The wine must be picked up in the store and paid for at that time in person. You cannot give us a credit card over the phone to pay for it. We have to be in the presence of the purchaser so we can verify his/her ID. We are not allowed to deliver alcohol.


Whether it’s purchased in our shop or brought in from another vendor, delivering alcohol is not allowed under South Dakota State Law. But, we can sell a gift card over the phone and notate that the gift card can be redeemed for a bottle of wine, & deliver it along with a flower delivery. We reccommend a $20 gift card to cover the cost of the wine and sales tax for the recipient! Please note, when the recipient of the gift card presents it in person to purchase wine, we will verify his/ her ID is legal to purchase alcohol.


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