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Weddings & Events
Sympathy Tributes
Subscription Packages

Weddings & Events

Wedding consultations are by appointment only. We ask that consultations be scheduled during our business hours Monday - Friday as the flower goddesses are often installing weddings or events on weekends. Please call us to schedule your appointment at 605-348-2035.

We love weddings! Here at Victoria’s Garden, we have had the pleasure of working with an incredible variety of individuals with such a vast array of styles to ensure a perfect wedding day. Our designers are truly honored to be selected to be a part of such a memorable day for our wedding clients. There are so many intricacies involved in planning for your wedding day and we would love to be your trusted source for exquisite professional floral design. We are inspired by love and passion and are humbled to be involved in the beginning of a life together. We will work hand in hand with you throughout every floral design aspect of your wedding day preparation. Our true desire is to create your vision into your fairytale.

Click here to view our Bridal Gallery

Sympathy Tributes

“Flowers are nature’s messengers; reminders of an unspeakable beauty.” -Jonathan Lockwood Huie


Grieving the loss of a loved one can be an emotional journey. All of our designers at Victoria’s Garden are particularly sensitive and experienced with the delicate process of planning the appropriate sentiment in order to considerately honor the life and memories of your loved one. The unspoken beauty and quiet reassurance of flowers offer a unique comfort during a difficult time. Sometimes words of compassion often go unsaid, however, the message communicated through flowers speaks volumes beyond measure. We will respectfully incorporate the memory of your loved one into each sympathy tribute arrangement and are honored to bring consolation to your family through the elegant and timeless art of floral design.

Click here to view our portfolio of sympathy arrangements.

Subscription Packages

The ultimate floral gift for you, your business, or a loved one! Whether you choose a single bloom, a wrapped bouquet, or an artistically designed vase of garden flowers, every arrangement will custom made to fit your needs!

Recurring deliveries can be on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, and we will work with you to find a budget that accommodates your vision.


Please call 605-348-2035 for more information or to begin creating your package!

You may have seen some of our work at one of these subscribing businesses:
The Historic Elks Theater, The Yoga Studio, Salon One, The Vertex, J. Leone, YellowBrow Studio & Dark Canyon Coffee! 

Click here to view our Subscription Gallery

Bulk Ordering

There are many benefits to bulk ordering flowers for your events & occassions! 

- Cost Effective: Purchasing your flowers by the bunch make for a better deal than purchasing by the stem!

- Processing & Storage: We use our professional supplies to process your flowers upon arrival and our climate-controlled cooler keeps them fresh until you pick them up!

- Creative Freedom: There are no rules inyour garden! Have fun with all the projects you can use your flowers for!

- The Flower Goddesses: We're here for you every step of the way! Whether you need an opinion, advice, or just have a question, we've got your back!

- No Surprises: By ordering in bulk ahead of time, we are able to communicate all your needs and wishes with our flower suppliers. If for any reason they are unable to source specific flowers due to inclimate weather, shipping delays, or seasonal unavailability, we will communicate with you ahead of your event to ensure you recieve an acceptable substitution.

-  Quantity & Quality - Not only are your getting more bang for your buck by purchasing by the bunch, you're also receiving florist-grade flowers and access to almost any flowers and foliage available!

Though we may have some bucnhes available for purchase on a day-to-day basis, we highly encourage pre-ordering a week or two in advance.

Bulk Ordering
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