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4. The Kathleen

4. The Kathleen

A lush, compact assortment of premium, fragrant florals in every shade or purple we could get our hands on!


Approx. size - 10" x 12"


Kathleen is the late mother to our dearest Shop Consultant, Kaia. Kaia recalls her mother as a beautiful free-spirit, and the only thing she did better than being her mom was being a grandmother to Kaia's twin girls. This all-purple arrangement was created to bring recognition to Alzheimer's Awareness and honor Kathleen's battle with the disease.


Behold! The images in our Mother’s Day Collection!
These are the beautiful blueprints that we use as the standard for each flowery creation we make, but in the event that our flower farmers are unable to send us more of their picture-perfect blooms, we may have to make a few subtle changes to your design! If this were to happen, you can expect a colorful surprise as we make the necessary substitutions needed to preserve the essence of the original arrangement. And don't worry, if for any reason we need to use an alternate vase, a Flower Goddess will spill the petals to you when you place your order!


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