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The Post Master / Driver

Nickname: Vickie with an E! (Editor's Note: Yes, we get a lot of confusion between Vickie & Vicki!)

What flower would you be and why? A classic red rose.

Describe your personal style: Conservative

Frequent food: Pizza and a Diet Mountain Dew!

Overheard saying: “Stop talking about me!”

Guilty pleasure: Ice cream!

What is your favorite delivery stop? Nell’s Gourmet! The people that work there are great and the designs I take them are always so unique!

What’s your current/next big project: Remodeling three properties.

You’re sailing across the world. What is the name of your boat? The Adventure

You're placed into a room with every item you have ever lost. What are you most excited to have found again? My great grandmother’s ring.

You are at a party. Someone hands you the AUX cord.  What song do you play? Anything country.

You’re a plant now. What kind of plant are you? A hibiscus!

Bucket list item(s): Travel to all 50 states!

Most used emoji: I’m old school, I don’t use emojis!

Best part about your job: People always smile when you bring them something beautiful!

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