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Mighty Fixer of All Things / Designer

Nickname: Lady McGuyver

Describe your personal style: Classic comfort!

Describe your design style: Big & weird.

Favorite flower(s): White O'Hara rose, Free Spirit rose, Dahlia, Anemone, & Ranunculus!

You get to re-design Mt. Rushmore. Who do you put on it? I would actually change the approach/Flag Walk back to the way it used to be back in the 60's!

You're sailing around the world. What's the name of your boat? The Fellow-ship!

Favorite treat at VG: A cookie from Nell's Gourmet with an afternoon iced cold brew that I make with our Dark Canyon Coffee!

Have you ever won a contest? I've won a drawing for a free wooden pie box from Pistachio Pie!

What game show are you sure you'd win? If there was a game show called "Can You Make It?" I think I would be able to hold my own!

Overheard saying: "Swell!"

Always in trouble for: Forgetting to attach a plant care tag!

What's your next big project? Making a pair of Scandinavian Turnshoes and costumes for the whole family for next year's Rennaissance Festival!

The best part about my job is: Being useful, helping others fix things, problem solving, and making awesome things every day!

Most used emoji: 👍

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