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Messenger of Happy Things / Driver

Nickname: Staish, Pinky

What flower would you be and why? A daisy, because I’m low maintenance but (I hope) I brighten things all around me!

Describe your personal style: Casual Western Boho – always gotta be comfy and cute! Unless it’s a swap troll day. Then I’ll be swamp trollin’.

Fave delivery stop: Ms. Pat’s house! She’s a regular delivery but she’s always SO excited to receive them every time!

Best part about your job: I get to be the Santa Claus of flowers and happy sentiments! It’s the best.

Frequent food: Scooter’s iced matcha latte and a protein bar!

In trouble for… Getting people riled up and loud/giggly! Ding! 🙂

Overheard saying: “Toot-a-loo!” or “Don’t be a bimbo”... to myself!

You get to redesign Mt. Rushmore. Who do you put on it?  The Golden Girls! Or all my favorite dogs that aren’t around anymore.

You’re sailing across the world. What is the name of your boat? “Paid for by the Swear Jar”

You're placed into a room with every item you have ever lost. What are you most excited to have found again? I try hard not to be too attached to things, but I’d love to see some pictures I haven’t been able to locate in years.

Have you ever won a contest? Yes! I’ve won an Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas prize: An Orbitz trip I wasn’t able to go on! 

You’re a plant now. What kind of plant are you? I’d want to be a lilac bush! [Editor’s Note: Stacia always smells so amazing. Lilac bushes want to smell like HER!]

What game show are you sure you’d win? WHEEL!! OF!! FORTUNE!!

Most used emoji: 🤣 and 🤗!

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