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Petal Delivery Extraordinaire / Driver

Nickname: Lindzer

What flower would you be & why? A dahlia, because they come in so many vibrant, fun colors and I’m vibrant and fun! 🙂

Where’s your delivery stop? Nell’s Gourmet. It smells like heaven in there!

Describe your personal style: I’m a less is more kind of girl.

Frequent food: Give me all the chips and salsa!

Guilty pleasure: Chips + Salsa + Margs + Patio = BOOM! I plead guilty to all counts.

Favorite treat at VG: The wines pair nicely with many of the chocolates!

What’s your current/next big project: Trying to make it through the summer with my kids 🤣

You get to redesign Mt. Rushmore. Who do you put on it? Me and my besties!

You’re sailing across the world. What is the name of your boat? Pier Pressure

You're placed into a room with every item you have ever lost. What are you most excited to have found

again? My car chapstick!

You are at a party. Someone hands you the AUX cord.  What song do you play? Get Low by Lil’ Jon

Best part about your job: Seeing people smile, for sure!

Most used emoji: 🤣

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