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The Task Finisher / Designer

Nickname: Hopey

What is your favorite flower? An orchid!

Describe your personal style: Comfortable & casual. I can generally be found in Converse high tops and ripped jeans.

Describe your design style? A mix of classic and modern. I love asymmetrical shapes, loose wildflowery structure, and combining unusual flowers with more traditional ones!

Guilty pleasure: Frozen French Toast sticks.

You’re sailing across the world. What is the name of your boat? Hope Floats.

You're placed into a room with every item you have ever lost. What are you most excited to have found again? The necklace my now husband made me before we first started dating.

What's your next big project? It's an ongoing project, but I manage the design portion of our monthly Charity in Bloom arrangements!

You are at a party. Someone hands you the AUX cord.  What song do you play? Could Have Been Me by the Struts.

In trouble for… Eating too many cookies in the flower cooler!

Overheard saying: “I don’t mind doing that.” (Editor's Note: Hope is always down to tackle whatever task we give her! She's a total team player!)

Best part about your job: My coworkers, especially the 4-legged ones!

Most used emoji: 😬

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