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Little Buddy / Shop Assistant

Nickname: The Shop Mascot

What flower would you be and why? A light pink peony or a pink gerbera daisy, because I like them! Maybe chamomile as an accent flower, because though they are small, they pack a punch!

Describe your personal style: Vintage & casual wear with a little 80’s & 90’s influence!

Best part about your job: Getting to hang out with people, plants, and cats!

Frequent food: Fried rice with broccoli, eggs, bacon and kimchi.

Overheard saying: Nothing! I’m so quiet, people can barely hear me 🤫

What’s your current/next big project: Cleaning my room!

You’re sailing across the world. What is the name of your boat? Il Nobile Sole (“The Noble Sun”)

Have you ever won a contest? Maybe? I’ve won bingo 3 times in a row!

You are at a party. Someone hands you the AUX cord.  What song do you play? Depends. Maybe Concert Bot by Cube or Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

You’re a plant now. What kind of plant are you? A money tree!

What game show are you sure you’d win? Bucket list item(s): Live in Venice. Pick up another instrument. Visit Japan. Learn a foreign language.

Most used emoji: 🤭

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