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The Collective Voice of VG / Content Manager

Nickname: Shades or Smashley! Describe your personal style: Punk rock soccer mom.

What flower would you be & why: A tulip. They're my favorite because they do what they want! Not even chopping them out of the ground will stop them from growing. They're always looking for sunshine!

You get to re-design Mt. Rushmore. Who do you put on it? Freddie Mercury, Jeff Probst, Kris Jenner, & my tattoo artist, Nicole.

Favorite treat at VG: White chocolate mousse coffee from Dark Canyon with a side of milk chocolate pretzels. And the CBD Bath Bombs from Dharma Wellness Institute!

You're at a party and someone hands you the AUX. What do you play? It depends on if I'm trying to get the party started ("The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World) or trying to keep the party going ("Sugar, We're Going Down" by Fall Out Boy)!

What's your favorite space in the shop? I love the fish tank because one of the goldfish in there was sold to me by a couple of young boys with a goldfish & lemonade stand on the side of the road. I was on a delivery in a neighborhood and thought a snack sounded nice, but instead of Goldfish crackers, I was given a living breathing baby goldfish. I named him Danny Devito!

Have you every won a contest? I'm an Aries. A list of contests I haven't won would be faster.

Guilty pleasure: Sneaking off to the lake to spend quality time with my paddleboard, impulsively buying concert tickets before requesting time off, and buying a new band shirt/hoodie every week.

What game show are you sure you'd win? The Amazing Race, with my best friend, Nick, as my partner!

Always in trouble for: Posting without proofreading and forgetting where I set my drink down!

The best part about my job is: Getting to be creative everyday with my best friends, and showing off their amazing work to everyone that follows us!

Most used emoji: 😎

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