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Shop Instructor / Designer

Nickname: Penelope

Describe your personal style: Comfortable, with literally anything blue!

Describe your design style: Low & Lush with an emphasis on gorgeous color combination!

What flower would you be & why: A peony! They're my favorite!

Frequent Food: Cosmic brownies!

Favorite treat at VG: Whatever Dark Canyon Coffee is being brewed that day, especially when it is lovingly made by Tessa!

You get to re-design Mt. Rushmore. Who do you put on it? Brené Brown, Betty White, & both of my grandmas!

Overheard saying: "Ope, sorry!" & "Oh, hi there!"

Have you ever won a contest? No, but I try my best every time!

In trouble for: Showing too many pictures of my dog, Emma!

The best part about my job is: That every day is unique. Each day is an opportunity to share moments of joy with our customers!

What's your next big project? Organizing and instructing private flower classes!

Most used emoji: 😘

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