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Spruce Tops (Single or Bundle!)

Spruce Tops (Single or Bundle!)

We have two different sizes of spruce tops for your holiday decorating, and you can choose to buy them by the stem or the bundle! You can make your own porch pot like the ones seen in front of our store!

2ft-3ft single stem - $6.95

2ft-3ft bundle (10 stems in a bundle!) - $64.95

4ft-5ft single stem - $16.95

4ft-5ft bundle (5 stems in a bundle!) - $79.95

We do recommend that these are used for outdoor only! Place them in a decorative container in soil (or not in soil, as long as you pack it in there really well! If they are too loose, they might blow over in high winds!) Mist the branches whenever you can. If you do decide to arrange your stems in soil, you can add water to the soil occasionally!

Remove sap from your hands by using olive oil or even peanut butter to break up the sticky resin, then wash off your oily hands with warm soapy!


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