A holiday favorite! We carry two sizes of poinsettias:

6.5" - includes one plant with 4+ blooms in a foil-wrapped pot - $24.95

8" - includes three plants with 10+ blooms in a foil wrapped pot - $35

We would be happy to add more decorations to your plant for an additional cost.


A couple very important things to remember about poinsettias:

-If you have a pet dog or cat, we want to remind you that poinsettias are mildly toxic if they are ingested! Keep your poinsettia out of their reach to save on a trip to the vet during the holiday season! (We're very grateful that none of our three flower shop cats don't chew on the plants!)

-Did you know: The milky sap found in poinsettias contains similar components to latex! Cool, right? We think so! But unfortunately, due to this, we can not deliver poinsettias to the hospital. We wouldn't want someone who is allergic to come in contact with them!


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