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01. Ordering by Color Palette

“And do you have an idea on what kinds of flowers you would like to send to them today?”

“Honestly, I have no clue where to even start.”

“I’d love to help you come up with something!”

We overhear this phone conversation everyday. We understand that to most customers who call in, it may be difficult to communicate what they’d like their gift to look like, because they aren’t present in the shop to visualize it with us. It is not unusual that we end up being given a favorite flower, color, or palette to base the design on, and that’s perfectly fine with us! But for those of us that may need a little more of a visual guide, we wanted to make one for you!

The Flower Goddesses got together and compiled a list of our most-used color/theme requests. Though every arrangement is unique and flower stock changes weekly, we hope this guide inspires your next arrangement and makes the ordering process a little easier.


These designs are made with flowers in several shades and hues of a single color. Popular monotone design requests we get are for purples, pinks, yellows, reds, and whites.

Jewel Tones

Designs of this type are typically filled with deep saturations of multiple colors, similar to what you would see in a precious gem.


A pastel design offers soft hues of multiple colors, typically pinks, blues, yellows, and white.


Neutral designs are usually filled with white, cream, and tan colors. Eucalyptus greenery is commonly used in these designs for its slightly blue-gray tinted undertones. Neutral designs may also incorporate a pop of color as an accent.


Blush palettes have been a wedding favorite for a while, but it can also be translated into a vase design. It is typically a mixture of soft pinks, neutrals, and greens.


Boho designs are a more directed form of neutral designs that usually incorporate grasses, preserved and dried stems, and a wide mixture of greenery!

Bright & Colorful

This color theme is very much open to interpretation and what you get will vary greatly depending on the time of year and designer. What you can expect is a mixture of seasonal blooms in a variety of colors. A little of this, and a little of that, but usually incorporating a spectrum of florals!

Garden Mix

Ordering a garden mix will get you a more curated version of something “Bright & Colorful,” with blooms selected for their noteworthy appearances in home gardens. Roses, peonies, delphinium, lilies, gerbera daisies, tulips, and snapdragons are all considered common garden flowers. A mixture of some of these are likely to appear in a garden mix arrangement.

Wildflower Mix

Like a garden mix, but different. Wildflower arrangements may include a mix of sunflowers, chamomile, lavender, daisies, aster or iris. If Boho and Garden Mix had a baby, she’d probably look a lot like Wildflower Mix.


Seasonal arrangements are made with whatever is currently in bloom. In the spring, it may be daffodils and tulips. In the winter, your flowers could sit on a bed of evergreens. It truly depends on the week of the year, and we’re huge fans of the authenticity of these designs!

Designer’s Choice

Are you feeling lucky? You should be, because your arrangement is now in the hands of a skilled floral designer. It may come out of your mouth as “Whatever you think would look nice,” “Do your thing,” or “I trust you to make it beautiful,” but the sentiment remains the same. You need a flower arrangement, and you heard we make the best ones around, so do what Flower Goddesses do! Oftentimes, like with many other creatives, not putting restrictions on your artist will result in a masterpiece beyond what you could have imagined. (Though, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a color palette or design theme like those listed above.)

No matter which you decide on, rest assured your florist will take the greatest pride in making it just for you. We hope this makes your next ordering experience a breeze!

Keep Blooming,

The Flower Goddesses

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Very well explained! Thanks for that and for the pictures of what might be a similar arrangement for your desire. Makes life much easier for the purchaser and for the one who creates the arrangement. Good job flower goddesses!

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