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Lead Flower Goddess / Owner

Nickname: Vic... or Boss! What flower would you be & why? What is your favorite flower? The Juliet Garden Rose. The soft blush color, the swirl of petals, and the fragrance are all so dreamy!

What is your design style? Wild, flowy, untamed, & natural, with an element of surprise!

Describe your personal style: Eclectic.

Frequent food: Salads!

Favorite treat at VG: I’m choosing 2! Jazzy Joe coffee from Dark Canyon & Boulder Bank Sauvignon Blanc! Actually, make that 3… I also love Sula Brut Tropicale! If you try wines based off the labe, you won’t be able to walk away from this one!

In trouble for… Misplacing my keys and phone, being late, and not staying on task!

Overheard saying: “[insert a kindhearted but honest opinion here]...with love!”

Guilty pleasure: Quiet time alone and buying clothes!

Have you ever won a contest? Yes! In 1993, I won tickets and backstage passes to Aerosmith and Damn Yankees. Fun fact #1 - Right before this concert, Steven Tyler and some other band members came into the shop to order flowers for their wives & girlfriends! Fun Fact #2 - Vicki is twice the size of Steven Tyler! 😉

You are at a party. Someone hands you the AUX cord.  What song do you play? Anything Jimmy Buffet, Johnny Cash, or KC & the Sunshine Band!

Best part about your job: The people on our VG Team & all of our customers/friends (they’re one in the same)! And in the floral industry, every day is different than the last!

Most used emoji: 😘

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