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The Songbird of Our Generation / Designer

Nickname: MiMi, The Color Queen

Describe your personal style: 80’s Rock Goddess meets MiMi Diva!

What is your design style? Romantic, soft & sweet.

What flower would you be and why? A daisy, because they are happy, simple, and grow wild. They are my favorite!

Frequent food: Picked eggs & beets!

Guilty pleasure: Drinking sangria and floating in my pool.

You get to redesign Mt. Rushmore. Who do you put on it? Fleetwood Mac.

You’re sailing across the world. What is the name of your boat? The Let’s Ski-daddle!

You're placed into a room with every item you have ever lost. What are you most excited to have found again? All of my pets that have passed away.

In trouble for… Actin’ a fool when I don’t know customers are in the shop & spontaneous outbursts of dance and song.

Overheard saying: “Stop talking about me!”

You are at a party. Someone hands you the AUX cord.  What song do you play? Yeah! By Usher.

What game show are you sure you’d win? Any one that involves singing/knowing the lyrics!

Best part about your job: My boss, my coworkers, all the customer connections we get to make, and the freedom to create!

Bucket list item(s): Visit Ireland, retire in Hill City, get a pet lamb, and work at the Silver Dollar Bar!

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