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I. Single Bloom Corsage

I. Single Bloom Corsage

Includes: Your choice of 1 bloom on a sparkle or classic wristlet, assorted greenery, & a touch of plumosa


1) Choose Wristlet Style - Sparkle or Classic


2) Choose Bloom Color

Due to the big, beautiful nature of these flowers and the engineering required to attach them to a wristlet, we are unable to use more than one of these blooms per corsage.




-Light Pink

-Hot Pink

-Deep Plum



2) Matching Boutonnieres (optional):

1 Bloom - $18

2 Blooms - $22

Ranunculus Pocket Square (pictured) - $25


It absolutely shatters our hearts when we have to turn prom orders down due to being at capacity. To accommodate as many students as we possibly can, we are not accepting special requests or substitutions, and ask that you design your dream corsage with the options provided.


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