Bottles of Blooms

Bottles of Blooms


Why have one when you can have MORE? Our Bottles of Blooms are groupings of petite arrangements that you can use to add color throughout your home!


We love their versatility! For example, if you are hosting an event, you can use a 7-piece grouping as a table spread. After all your guests head home, you can redistribute your bottles into smaller groupings for places like your bathroom counters, coffee tables, bedroom nightstands, or entryways! 


After your flowers expire and you are left with a bunch of empty bottles, we encourage you to reuse them by visiting our Bloom Bar! Unleash your inner Flower Goddess and refill your bottles YOUR WAY! 



Step One: Let us know how many bottles you'd like us to prepare for you!

1 bottle - $22

3 bottles - $66

5 bottles - $110

7 bottles - $154


Step Two: Pick your color pallette!

- Surprise Me! 

- Bright & Colorful (pictured)

- Soft & Neutral


Step Three: Enjoy. Have fun. Go crazy. Put flowers EVERYWHERE!