MAY DAY 2020

this is one we'll never forget


Here's a secret: Your intent to make someone else's day better is what makes your gift so special, and we are simply here to help you express those feelings in a visual way. One of our favorite ways to bring your arrangement to life is by creating a strong, beautiful color story.  We believe that the right combination of hues and tones has the power to move people in a deep way.

Given the current state of restrictions surrounding COVID-19, however, our spring palettes will be presented to you a little differently this year. We are still dedicated to providing you with bouquets packed with rich colors and complimentary accents, but they will be based on farm/supplier availability and chosen in ways that help our farmers and wholesalers. Like many other aspects of our lives, flower production and shipping has been affected and though some options have been limited, we are still receiving fresh flowers daily

We want you to feel confident knowing that your purchase is supporting not just the Victoria's Garden Team in Rapid City, SD, but also the farms, domestically and abroad, that provide us with the freshest, quality products we use to create your orders. It is for that reason we will be working with them to create designs that cater to their current available stock at the time. This means that the design you chose may not look exactly like the photo you saw when you ordered.

Our solution to this is to offer you a first and second choice of design. We suggest that your second choice is the option to allow us to recreate the essence of the original design, using the freshest blooms that have arrived to us from the farms that day, in the same vase or container that you had initially ordered for your first choice. 

Unfortunately at this time, we can not 100% guarantee some special requests, but will be happy to assist you in adapting your vision into a comparable design.